Setup and Install Office 365/2020, What is it?

As we all know, Microsoft Office is one of the best productivity suite available in the market. And what makes it even better is that it is from a reliable brand that most people trust and Love, Microsoft. 
Office has been around for a while now and it is designed in a way that it can provide the best experience to the people using it. is one such website, designed by the Office team for the Microsoft Office. This website is officially designed and developed to make sure that customers who buy Office can easily install and setup office on their device without any professional help. This makes sure that once you have got the Office on your computer you can manage the product subscriptions and everything related to the software all at a one place. This is also a secure way of saving customer data as that of written records.

  1. Go to, office setup website.

    Visit or with your browser of choice. This website has been designed and developed by Microsoft so that you can securely set up office on your device. Step 1 - Begin with office setup website.

  2. Click Sign In or Create a New Account.

    If you already have a Microsoft Account, you can sign in to that account. Or if you do not have a account you can create a new account with it.Step 2 - Sign In or Create a New Account.

  3. Find and Enter Office Product Key.

    You can find your product key on the back side of your Product card, it can be hidden under a scratcher. If you have made an online Purchase the product key is in your Email. You will also need to select your country and language.Step 3 - Find and Enter your Product Key.

  4. Select Office, Click Install.

    Now all you need to do is to find the Office product that you have purchased, Your product will have an Install button on the right side, click that. It will start a download. Click Save and Run file.Step 4 - Select and Download Office Setup.

  5. Run Setup wizard, Follow On-Screen Instructions.

    Once the download is finished, Run the downloaded Office Setup file. Now allow any prompts that appear and follow the instructions on the installation screen. Go through the process and the Office will be installed on your Device. Run any app to get started with Office.Step 5 - Follow On-Screen Instructions.

  6. You’re All Set. Open Apps.

    Once the process is all done, you can now use Microsoft Office Applications like Word, Powerpoint, Excel and more.

Office has the cloud support integrated and can be used where you want. Office 365 is solely based on the cloud and won’t take up your device space. You can save documents via the cloud too.

  1. Go to, office setup website.
  2. Click Sign In or Create a New Account.
  3. Find and Enter Office Product Key.
  4. Select Office, Click Install.
  5. Run Setup wizard, Follow On-Screen Instructions.
  6. You’re All Set. Open Apps.

How to install office on Mac.

The process is different and much easier as that of Windows. You need to have your product key and email address registered with Microsoft. If you have not purchased Office yet, You can buy it from

  • Go to your Mac App Store.
  • In the search bar, Type Microsoft Office.
  • Select the apps you want to Install and Hit “Get”.
  • Type in your apple id and password to authorise download.
  • Office will be installed automatically in the background.

How to Activate Office.

You might find office on your device already pre-installed when you open the device. This is when the product has partnered or sponsored with Microsoft Office. Follow the steps to Activate Office.

  • Open any Office App. Word, PowerPoint, Excel.
  • On the home Screen you will see sign in Option.
  • Sign in to your Microsoft Account linked to the purchased product.

Important: You need to have an Active Office Subscription to download Office on your PC/Mac to enjoy full features. You can not share your Product key with anyone if you do not have multiple device plans. While Downloading and Installing Office, You need to have an active internet connection all the time. You will need to have all the required software like Java runtime to run the office. If you get any error while installing Office you need to search the error code in the format (0x0000).

You can now share your Office document easily with your friends and colleagues or directly share it with your Office. You can also work on projects with your Teams with Microsoft Office Teams.

Nowadays, most of the touch devices come with a pen. The office is one of the best pen-based notebook-style software that will give you flexibility and support all your pen devices.

Your office will autosave your documents while you are working on it. In case you lose power or something goes wrong. Your work will be saved and you will not lose your work.

icrosoft Office is one of the best and the biggest of the productivity software’s available in the productivity software industry. The software industry has grown a lot in the 21st century, we have even seen much software that are now integrated with the software that can actually give a great boost to the software industry.

Microsoft has always been on top of the software industry that has paved its way through to the Hardware industry too. Microsoft is now able to create devices that can actually include the software they are making even though they never had the need to do so but have easily been able to do it for the convivence of their customers. Microsoft is not just rocking the Productivity market but is also trying its hand on other software categories too. Microsoft was left behind by a mile by the leading browser and one of the biggest software companies in the world. Google Chrome has already taken a leap ahead in the internet browsing categories and software section, this has made Microsoft lose a lot of customer base in many sectors. Though there is not even a strong competition except Apple’s Mac OS. Mac OS is a really good competitor in the world of competition software’s and the war between the operating systems has been going on for a long time now. This war has been going on for a long time and has really bought the best out of the two companies. This is not just a war of making things look beautiful but making things great. These company wars have made a lot of improvements to the operating systems that have absolutely made customer work easy.

Microsoft Office is really on a way to make things better with great convenience and the possibility of making things better. Microsoft Office is the main competitor and the market leader in most of the productivity tools.

Microsoft Over The Air Updates

You might be wondering about the Microsoft updates as you are going through the features of Microsoft Office. There are a lot of ways that you can update your old version of Office but in the newer versions, you do not need to manually update the software. It will automatically be updated and the Software will be updated whenever the new updates are available. Though if you do not have automatic updates turned on by default, you can always turn that on in your software settings. There are manual files that you can download from the official office website or simply go to and register your Office and get started with the latest version of Office. 

How is Office helping Students in COVID-19?

Microsoft Office has helped and extended a hand to Students by extending free access to its prime student Office software. Microsoft Teams, Minecraft Students Edition, Flipboard and Skype for Students are now extended access applications by Office to help Students with Studies during COVID-19 Pandemic.

How to Un-Install or Remove Office

You can easily remove Office from you PC by launching control panel and then going to Add or Remove Programs. Once you see a list of software, you can find Microsoft Office EN and remove it by clicking the “Change” or in some cases “Uninstall” button. Follow On Screen Instructions and you will be good to go.

Is the upgrade to the newer version of Office free?

If you are using a Microsoft Office from 2013 or any version where the support has already expired or the version of the software that does not support the current pricing of the software. This means if the support for that version is expired or ended there will be no free upgrade. 

Errors and Warnings

While working on Office, You might get some errors in a coded form and you won’t even know what it is. If that is freaking you out. It is not even a big issue. You can simply type that error in your Google search bar and you will the answer to it. Office errors are mostly in 0x0000 form and can be easily fixed. Microsoft also sends bugs report and error reports to its server to fix the problem in the next update if it already does not have a solution. You can always call Microsoft to fix the problem for you.



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How to buy?

You can buy Office 365 or Office 2020 from official Office Website at and select your product according to your price and planning and get started with the installation at

How to Renew Office Subscription?

You can easily subscribe to Office at and get started with your Office Apps. In case you want to renew Office on your Mac/Windows, you can easily visit and log in to your account with the email that you have used to register your product key with, it will directly let you renew your Microsoft Office with just a few clicks.