Setup and Install Microsoft Office 2016/365  or the 2019 Preview version on your Mac or PC. Get Started by logging in to your Microsoft Account and Get Started with the Product Key Activation.


Get Started with the latest and the most powerful productivity suite available on the Market. Get Started with the latest version of the Microsoft Office. Install Office now.

Setup and Install Microsoft Office 2016/365 or The 2019 Preview Version on your Mac/PC

Setup Office on www.office.com/setup

How to Setup Office

If you bought Office 365 or a one-time purchase of Office 2016 at a physical retail store, you should have a physical box or card with a product key on it.
  • Go to www.office.com/setup  and enter your product key.

  • If you have a previous version of Office or existing Microsoft account, enter your email address and password, and click Sign in.

  • Select the Country/Region and Language, and click Continue.

  •  On the www.office.com/myaccount page, select Install.


Office Product Key Activation

If you already subscribe to Office 365, select Sign in. If you bought Office 2016 or Office 2013 as a one-time purchase, and you have already redeemed your purchase at www.office.com/setup, select Sign inand Office should detect your purchase. If you bought Office through your employer’s Microsoft HUP benefit, select I don’t want to sign in or create an account and enter your Microsoft HUP product key.

Office Upgrade

Office 2016 is already included in your subscription.

If you want to install the 64-bit version or install Office in another language, follow the step-by-step instructions in Install Office on your PC. Otherwise, use the steps below to install Office 2016.
  1. Go to www.office.com/myaccount.
  2. Sign in with your Microsoft account. (This is the account you already associated with the version of Office.)
  3. On My Office Account, select Install.
The process to uninstall Office 2013 and install Office 2016 can take some time. When the installation completes, you’ll see a welcome video that explains how to find your apps and start Office 2016.

Setup and Install Office 365/2016 or Upgrade to Preview version of Microsoft Office 2019

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