www.office.com/setup – There are a lot of services that provide video streaming, In fact, the market leader in overall Videos.

YouTube has the service for the Live streaming too but that lacks something for corporate that they do not use. On the other Hand, Microsoft’s Skype has a business name added to its version too which makes it a great and one potential service to regard to for video Cons but it has no video streaming for corporate in real time.
Microsoft, the leader in productivity and operating systems have added each and every functionality to their systems, so they do not want to go back from what they have come. They are always improving and making new developments and adding new features to the Software they are having a mass customer base in. One of the perks of being a customer of Microsoft is about having the latest updates and tools that solve the problems in total for you. This is one good thing about being Microsoft Customer. This, on the other hand, is really important for the corporate and private sector, because they need their problem to be solved and they need new tools every now and then, This can only be full filled by Microsoft, as a tech giant, there remains no problem in having the customers filled with the services they require.

Microsoft has launched a video streaming service for its customers, Microsoft Stream, This app is integrated into Work platform for Microsoft Office 365 and has one of the best plan structure. This app is available on all major platforms including the launch of the Microsoft Stream app on iOS recently. Microsoft Stream is the only app in the Office 365 Productivity suite that streams videos to customers and allows customers to stream videos over the air for their own people and customers. Microsoft Stream gives us the freedom of working from a platform and enjoying the working platform we are already in and running into the world of great creativity and work. This alone makes it sure that we can run a good work environment based on Microsoft office 365, making Office 365 a bit closer to being the perfect cloud productivity suite.

We have finally found that Microsoft office is one of the best productivity suite and with the addition of the Microsoft Streams to Microsoft Office 365 this makes it a bit closer to being the unparalleled version of the best productivity suite.

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