Have you ever wondered if Microsoft Office is really an important productivity tool then why does Microsoft have the need to develop and update applications for Microsoft Office on mobiles and other platforms?

Alone on Windows Operating systems Microsoft can be a big success and maybe for the reason of running Microsoft Office on Windows only, they might even sell more copies of Windows for the only reason of using Office. Productivity tools are of great importance in many sectors. Not just the fact that the productivity tools have emerged and risen from the ground to great realities. Microsoft Office has been marketed among the best productivity tools. The emergence of Microsoft Office is not just the tools that are included in the Office but the whole addition of new applications to its domain. Microsoft has not set a confined image to its office productivity tool but has also given it a great opportunity to run among the best tools and has given every other tool a run for his money. Being best is not enough, it is all about staying at the top of the game. For this, they have given everyone a tough competition of providing their service on every platform. They obviously haven’t done it to get more profit but to stay on top of the game. This is what makes Microsoft Office different from others. This is really a good thing about Microsoft and being on every platform gives them more to expand on and a really good customer base, and most of all having products on all platform makes it global software and can be run by almost every customer they have. This platform freedom also makes it a successful software because this software makes it sure that the files produced in the software can be accessed anywhere and everywhere with whatever the device is.

You can buy Microsoft Office from www.office.com or redeem your existing sub from www.office.com/setup