www.office.com/setup – Using word is pretty easy for now and the great thing about having Microsoft Office word on your system is really good.

We have always loved the way we can work on word, Word is something everyone loves to use when it comes to making beautiful documents, There are some things that really make your documents a lot better than what you have been using. We mostly use the documents Layout menu for most of the Word functions but have always left out menus that can be useful too.

The Layout:

The Sub Menu on the Menu bar that reads “Layout” is really good at making the documents better. The Layout menu adds up many things. The main that actually defines your Document is the Margin option. The Margin Option is what actually defines the whole preset. The margins Menu has the sub options:

Normal – This option sets the page padding to normal size and the basic size. Which makes it quite normal for some of the documents that you are making. The overall padding is 23 cm’s in total.

Narrow – This option will set the page padding to the narrowest settings, the typing and the content on the page will be closer to the border and is really good for posters and other high volume text documents that are for reading purposes.

Moderate – This is the in-between padding size for the page, mostly used for company documentations and legal work. This can also be used for pages that have pre-printed options on it.

Wide – Most people don’t use this but can be used in a-lot of situations. this is one option intended to make document padding to a whole lot.

Custom – This is one of the best options, you can set the paddings according to your needs. This can be used for a lot of things.

The other submenu that is included in the Layout menu is the Orientation Option. Orientation option lets you choose whether you want the document in the landscape or the portrait mode. These modes will set your documents to horizontal and vertical modes respectively.

Just to the right of the Orientation menu is where you choose the size of the Page, This is set as per the international paper sizes, so that you can print according to the page sizes that are available in the market.

There are other options in the Layout menu too but these options can completely reform the way you make your documents and can also give your Documents a better look, According to your needs. These options if set right will make your word documents a lot better than they used to be.

You can buy your subscription of Office from www.office.com/setup and enjoy these features on Microsoft Office Word.