www.office.com/setup – We having been using Microsoft Word for a long time and for a lot of work.

There is no doubt that Microsoft Office word has become our companion in our everyday work. We don’t just use it for professional work but also for a lot of other work too. This is one of the best tools in Productivity.

We have used word and haven’t yet found the most feature yet, we tend to keep our documents simple yet we haven’t used the features that can actually make your work a lot better. Today we are going to look at one such menu, The Design Menu. The design menu is really one of the best menus that gives you the best of usage and access to the most important features that makes your document a lot better than anything you have been making before.

The design menu has a lot of features, some included are:

Themes: this is one of the most important features if you are in a hurry and you want to work quickly or you are in a hurry. This feature will let you choose premade layouts from the menu that appears once you click on it. You can choose a template or simply reset to the normal version you were using before. There are a lot of premade layouts that you can choose from or you can use the online theme browsing.

Document Formatting: This is one of the most important function when it comes to making beautiful and well laid out documents. This makes sure that the document you are using is well formatted and this function can be applied even after you have used a theme. There are a number of layouts to choose from and you can easily find more layouts online too.

Colors: This is where you can apply a colour palette to your document. This will give you document the colored look you want to.

Fonts: as the label says, this feature lets you choose the fonts on you documents.

Paragraph Spacing: This is where you can set the space between the lines in a paragraph, this feature comes handy when you want to set the lines too high or too low.

Effects: This will let you turn your photos and graphics into 3D and other formats too. Though this is not the most favoured feature but might come in handy for people with love for 3D.

The other features, Watermark will let you set the watermark of your company or anything you want to keep, The Page Color will let              you change the color of the page and the Page borders will let you change the colors of the page borders.

There are many features that can be used too, to use these features you need to use Microsoft Office subscriptions. To buy the new subscription visit www.office.com/setup