www.office.com/setup – Microsoft Windows is the basic operating system when you buy a laptop, except Apple Laptops and Computers.

There is a high chance of having Microsoft Office included with the Windows Operating system loaded on your Devices. Though Microsoft Office is available within all the platforms and with the great possibility that Microsoft Office will be available on all future devices with a dedicated application for all the platforms.

Laptops with office installed - www.office.com/setup

Microsoft has performed very well in the software sector and mostly in the Operating system and the Productivity Sector. This makes Microsoft one of the best companies in terms of trust and value for money. Though Microsoft has a lot of customers and enemies in the software world and has been a target for hackers for a long time Microsoft knows how to come around. This is one of the best things in the Productivity Sector.

New laptops with preloaded Microsoft tend to put premium subscription of Microsoft on their laptops, this will make sure that the software sold on the laptops boost the software’s sales and the laptop sales itself. On most of the laptops with bundles of software’s also include the Softwares for the new based operating systems.

Microsoft has been making improvements in the Office Environment, giving it better looks and new tools and featuring the latest installation on the devices. Also improving the software and operating systems with the latest updates. This makes sure that the laptop you are about to buy has the windows and the Office on it because this will definitely boost the sales and make the Laptops more productive. This is one of the best reasons for buying a laptop with office preinstalled on it.

You can also check out products on various laptop buying sites. And you can also buy the office subscription from www.office.com/setup