www.office.com/setup – We have been using Microsoft Word for a lot of things and have been using it without any add-ins but this time it is one of the most useful things that we can use on the Microsoft Word.

There should be nothing wrong with the Office word if the Add-ins are installed. Microsoft Office Word is one of the most used word processors, used across the continents. The add-ins that can be installed on this software can help you in a lot of ways. 
Some of the use of full Plugins or add-ins are:
Wikipedia: You can use this as an information pane on the right side of your software while you are working on any project. You can use this add-in to search for any information that is required for this device.
Pickit: This will make you help find the best clipart and other pictures related to your work or project, This makes your work more presentable.
Copyleaks: If you are working on a project that is sensitive and can be subjected to plagiarism, This plugin is great for you. This will notify you before you are going that way. 
Write Better: This tool will help you make sure that whatever you are writing is correct in any way. 
Synonyme: This tool will suggest quick Synonyms for better use of words in your sentences and documents.
Word to Website: this will turn your Word page into a quick static website. This is really a great tool to make quick websites and quick presentation work for masses.
Resume CV template builder: This is great if you are always looking for jobs and trying to impress HR Managers and recruiters.
translator this is one of the best tools when you are creating a document for masses of different languages and countries. This is really a good idea of having beautifully created documents to new documents in different languages.
There are other plugins too that can really be used for your important work and are really useful in different circumstances. Most of these plugins are free to use but some might need a little donation to keep them motivated to create such documents.