www.office.com/setup – There are a lot of things people have to think about before using the feature that they want.

The office is one of the Most popular productivity suites in the market is leading the business from the past decade. So the question is, what can we print from office and what can’t we.

As we know, Microsoft is the owning company of Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows, so anything they develop has to have the compatibility with the software’s they have bought in. In the recent development, when Microsoft finally took over Skype, They integrated Skype into the Office for the product immediately and released a lot of new features and software. Being one of the biggest company we need to know what we can achieve with the Microsoft Office.

Printing on Microsoft Office is really fun, Though you will always need a nice printer the Office is the best software to make sure that you can print whatever and how ever you want to. Microsoft Office has all the software that can print the documents you want to print. But the question is if you can print a PPT presentation, Though there is no need for Printing your ppt presentation the need can arise anytime. So it is as simple as writing a document on the Word. Whenever and what ever you are doing on Windows you can just simply use the command CTRL + P and it will straight take you to Microsoft Print screen and once you are on the Print settings you can choose whatever your printer is connected and whichever the size you want to print. though Printing a presentation, you will print all the slides of the presentation.

Microsoft is really a fun software to use for some and for some it might earn them their bread and butter. You can also check out Microsoft Office from www.office.com/setup