www.office.com/setup – Knowing that Microsoft Office comes at a price for even the basic subscription. Most people try to find a way to get out of paying the bills, but that does not always work for them. There are many ways people steal stuff.

In this case Microsoft, one of the biggest companies in the Software and computer market, is itself a victim of what we call, Theft. Microsoft has been trying to put these hackers away since a very long time and is really a tough job to do. Though Microsoft can not put all of them away and remove all the bugs and problems at once. As we know Microsoft has a big customer base and they really do not have to worry about every customer they have but they still do.

Being in the market and the leader of the market is quite a difficult job too, having great power in hands, Microsoft tends to be at safe place with what we call Microsoft’s basic plan to stay at top of the market all the time. This being the main goal Microsoft still has to face a little lost because of people who counterfeit their products. There are a lot of people who do this and the list is as big as it can go.

What do these people actually do?

They actually are hackers and programmers, who buy a Microsoft Office or acquire it from some source and then go through the files and recompile the files and remove the registries and put custom made files in the program, that lets the user use Microsoft Office without ever purchasing it. These custom programs can always be bugs and viruses and can interfere in other works of your computer.

Is this wrong?

Yes, Of course it is. It is really wrong when it comes to pirating or breaking a software without even paying for it, In some countries this is a breach to the Cyber Laws.

Should you be using these cracker Versions of Office?

We suggest you should never be even going near the sites that are providing such cracked software of any sort. These software’s might include ransomware and malware’s packed in it.

You should rather be buying a new subscription of Microsoft Office on your PC/Computer and you are good to go with it.