Can you still buy Office 365, 2020 amid COVID-19 – And the answer is yes, you can buy Office online right now. There is no way that Microsoft will stop sales of Microsoft Office amid COVID 19, it is a really important software while you are working at home and if you really want to work from home, you will some how require it anyway.

It is not always necessary to buy a software from a local store, things have become really very futuristic now, you do not need an engineer to download and install softwares on your devices. It is more like a downloading an app on your mobile phone, you can go to the app and download the app. Same is now case with the applications on Computers. In both the major cases, Microsoft and Mac OS. You can now download Office or other softwares from verified developers from the Microsoft Store and App Store respectively.

Here is how you can buy and install Office online from your home:

Buy and Install Office from

  1. Go to Office website.

    Either you can go to and find out about the software. To directly buy the software you can simply click “GET OFFICE” or if you have a Microsoft Account you can sign directly.

  2. Now you need to choose the right Product for you.

    Once you got into the Office setup file, you can now find the choice and range of Microsoft Office Product, you will need to check the product tables to find the best one for you. Different plans have different applications, some applications that you need and some that you don’t need. You can also customise the applications you want in your plan according to your need.

  3. You need to make payment for the plan you have selected.

    If it is a one time purchase for Office 2020, you will need to make one time payment for your product, you do this with your credit or debit card. If the product is office 365 and you can want a monthly plan you can download and install the office according to that.

  4. Now that you have made the payments.

    You have successfully made the made and now you can install office on your computer from or This is a separate process and can be found on our website

This is how you can Buy Office on and install it further from and Get Started with Office Setup on you PC or Mac.

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